What tops can you put your crew emblem on?

What clothes can you put crew emblem on?

It looks like crew emblems can be applied to any plain colored top that is not a suit jacket or a vest. So as long as the item of clothing you are looking at doesn’t have stripes, and isn’t a suit jacket or vest, you should be able to add your crew emblem to it.

How do I unlock my crew emblem?

1 Answer. If you are referring to the crew paint job color for cars, you need to be level 20. From IGN’s Wiki on Crews: Level 20 – Able to set crew emblem decal, and color on cars.

How do I fix my crew emblem glitch?

Fix for crew emblem glitch?

  1. Fill up all of your available garage spots with free Elegy RH8s.
  2. Leave GTAO and completely close the app.
  3. Log back in and go check your RH8s.
  4. Some will have a glitched crew emblem on them; drive all of those cars in the same garage. This will be your buggy spots garage.

Why can’t I put my crew emblem on my car?

1 Answer. It sounds like you may have to go in and change a few Safety and Privacy settings. From there you will either click “Access to Content” or “Privacy and Online Safety”. Under Content Settings make sure Member Content is marked as “Everyone” to ensure you can see member-created content on Xbox Live.

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How do you make a crew emblem on GTA?

How to: How to create your OWN custom emblem in GTA V online crews

  1. Make your self a Crew on the SocialClub website and Find a image you want. …
  2. Once done editing your picture make sure you save it as 512×512 png image and save it to your desktop.
  3. Go to vectormagic and upload your image. …
  4. Once done save the image as a svg.

How do you get crew emblem on body armor?

Somebody posted the other day that if you equip armor, then put on a hoodie with the small emblem on the front of it, then equip a watch, the hoodie will disappear and the emblem will stay.

How do you put your crew emblem on biker cut?

To clarify this, Apply any biker jacket or cut or any clothing you want to have the emblem on. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of tops. There will be an option that says (Crew Emblem) you will be able to apply it to the back of Cuts, and jackets and the breast pocket, front or back of most shirts.