What is the symbolism of greaser hair?

Why did the greasers have greasy hair?

The boys in The Outsiders wore long, greasy hair as a reflection of their rebellious natures and to brand themselves as “greasers“; this is the “trademark” and the “one thing [they] were proud of.” Although the boys may not be able to afford the attire or lifestyle of the rich, their hair acts as an assertion of their …

What did there along well oiled hair symbolize to the greasers?

Their long, well- oiled hairs symbolize the Greasers because they can’t pay for a hair cut. … The Greasers resent the Socs because the “Socs” are rich they have good girls, good cars and obviously they have money and Socs push of Greasers’ members of the group like they did with Johnny.

What do bobs rings symbolize in the outsiders?

Bob’s Rings

The rings in this story represent the physical power that accompanies wealth. By using his rings as combative weapons, Bob takes advantage of his economic superiority over Ponyboy and the other greasers, using his wealth to injure his opponents.

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What does Ponyboy’s hair symbolize?

His hair is a symbol of both his independence (he chooses to be in the gang and not to cut his hair), and his belonging. The Socs threat to cut his hair is a direct challenge to Ponyboy’s basic identity, and thus is a very serious threat indeed.

How did greasers do their hair?

The most notable physical characteristic of greasers was the greased-back hairstyles they fashioned for themselves through use of hair products such as pomade or petroleum jelly, which necessitated frequent combing and reshaping to maintain.

Why was Darry strict with Ponyboy?

Ponyboy realizes that Darry does care about him; Darry is strict because he loves Ponyboy and wants him to succeed. Ponyboy runs across the room and embraces his brother, thinking that everything will be fine once he gets home.

What factored into shaping Johnny’s shy nervous personality?

Whom does Johnny idolize? Which of the following factored into shaping Johnny’s shy, nervous personality? His verbally abusive mother. His drunk, belligerent, physically abusive father.

What do green eyes symbolize in The Outsiders?

Green eyes symbolize how people can differ from first impressions. They also symbolize people’s tendency to prejudge others based on appearance or assumptions, as Ponyboy initially says he hates most guys with green eyes.

Why is Ponyboy’s hair so important?

Why is Ponyboy’s hair so important to him? His hair is important to him because it makes him look cool and tough. … In the letter, it says the Darry and Sodapop want Johnny and Ponyboy to turn themselves in and that they want Ponyboy to come home.

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Why does Johnny cut Ponyboy’s hair?

Johnny explains to Ponyboy that it is imperative that they cut their hair, and Ponyboy bleaches his, in order to disguise their identity. … Ponyboy states that he has pride in his “tuff-looking” hair and says it is their greaser trademark.

Why is Ponyboy so reluctant to cut and bleach his hair?

Ponyboy takes pride in his long, silky hair because it is what distinguishes him as a greaser. … He tells Johnny he doesn’t want to cut his hair because it took him a long time to grow it just the way he wanted it. He is very proud of his long hair and he doesn’t want to change it in any way.