What is the symbol on Goku’s gi?

What does it say on Goku’s back?

It’s the kanji “Go.” Here is an article that explains its meaning and significance. Goku’s kanji,pronounced Go meaning “wisdom” is the kanji that Goku adopts after his training in preparation for the upcoming battles on Namek. Goku continues to wear this kanji until the arrival of the Androids.

How many times has krillin died?

2 Krillin – 3 times

OK, not every villain, but enough villains to have died five times. He is first killed by Tambourine, King Piccolo’s son, who kicks him in the head and crushes his frontal lobe. Krillin was brought back by the Dragon Balls.

What is Goku in Japanese?

Wukong,” “Goku,” and “Ogong” all mean “Awakening to Emptiness” in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, respectively, and the Chinese dub also refers to Goku as “Wukong” by that proxy.

What does the word Saiyan mean?

The name is a pun on yajin (野人) which means “wildman”, and an anagram of yasai (野菜) which means “vegetable”. The suffix -jin means “person”. “Saiyan” is the English transliteration of the roman letter term Saiya-jin.

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