What is a good sentence for symbolize?

What is a good sentence for represent?

She hired an agent to represent her in the contract negotiations. Senator Smith represents the state of Connecticut. The company is represented by a local law firm. She represented the United States in figure skating at the Olympics.

What is a sentence for symbolism?

Symbolism sentence example. The butterfly is often chosen for its symbolism of beauty and change. Sometimes the symbolism of events gives them an importance out of all proportion to the numbers of people directly involved in them. He is at his best in the adaptation of the symbolism of old legend to modern uses.

What is an example of a symbol sentence?

Symbol sentence example. The proper symbol of episcopacy is not so much the mitre as the ring and pastoral staff. Man thus not only works for the animal within him, but, for a symbol of this, he works for the animal without him.

What are examples of represent?

Represent is defined as to express in words, symbolize or stand for. An example of represent is a loyalty pledge. An example of represent is for a communion wafer to stand for Christ’s body. An example of represent is a symbol that is written to stand for a specific word such as an equal sign.

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What is the difference between represent and present?

As verbs the difference between present and represent

is that present is to reveal, to show while represent is to present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of; to typify.

How do you explain symbolism?

Symbolism is the idea that things represent other things. What we mean by that is that we can look at something — let’s say, the color red — and conclude that it represents not the color red itself but something beyond it: for example, passion, or love, or devotion.

What is symbolism in writing?

Symbolism is a literary device wherein words, people, markings, locations, or abstract ideas represent something beyond their literal meaning. The use of symbolism is not confined to works of literature; examples of symbolism appear in every corner of our everyday life.

What are () called in English?

They can also be used in mathematical expressions. For example, 2{1+[23-3]}=x. Parentheses ( () ) are curved notations used to contain further thoughts or qualifying remarks. However, parentheses can be replaced by commas without changing the meaning in most cases.

What is a good sentence for prosperity?

He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury. We should not envy the prosperity of others. The reason of his prosperity is known to everyone. He is not jealous of the prosperity of his brothers.