What happens when your trademark is opposed?

What if my trademark is opposed?

If a trademark opposition is successful, the registration of the trademark will be refused. If the trademark opposition application is rejected, the brand will be registered.

How do you fight a trademark opposition?

Within the four months post publication of the mark the Trademarks Journal (advertisement), any person can oppose a trademark by filing a Notice of Opposition by way of Form TM-O along with the prescribed fee.

What does trademark published for opposition mean?

Published for opposition refers to the period before a trademark can officially be registered. During this time, companies and the public can object to the trademark’s registration.

Can you fight a trademark?

How can I challenge a trademark registration or application? … You may challenge a trademark registration issued by the USPTO by filing a petition to cancel the registration with the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB).

Can a trademark be opposed after registration?

Rectification of Trademark Register: Any ‘person aggrieved’ by the registration of a trademark, may file for removal, cancellation or rectification of the register of trademarks. Rectification is used to remove a registered trademark from the register which is not used within 5 years from the date of its registration.

Can a trademark be objected after registration?

Similar to a registered trademark

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If it is found by the examiner that the mark being applied for is similar to an already registered trademark or a trademark currently is registration he can reject the application.

What happens after trademark is published?

Within about three months after your trademark publishes in the Trademark Official Gazette, if no opposition was filed, we register your trademark. If an opposition was filed but was unsuccessful, we will register your trademark after the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board dismisses the opposition.

How do I know if my trademark is approved?

It is fairly easy to check your trademark registration on the USPTO website, at http://tsdr.uspto.gov/. Enter your trademark serial or reference number on the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TDSR) page to receive the status of your pending and registered trademarks.