Quick Answer: Does Nike Own the Mamba logo?

Did Nike stop selling Kobes?

Kobe Bryant’s signature sneaker line with Nike is coming to an end after his estate decided to cut ties with the company after contract negotiations for an extension fell through. It looks like Vanessa Bryant and the estate are going to launch their own independent line at some point down the road.

Adidas Reveals New Personal Logo for Houston Rockets Star James Harden. James Harden already has an iconic look thanks to his beard, but he now has a personal logo, too. Adidas released the emblem for the Houston Rockets shooting guard Tuesday. There’s an H somewhere in the black-and-white optical illusion.

Who is the NBA logo and why?

The silhouette was modelled off the dribbling technique of hall of famer Jerry West, who became “The Logo” while he was still playing. The 14-year veteran played in the All Star Game every season in the NBA and made 12 end-of-season All NBA teams.

Why did Vanessa Bryant leave Nike?

Bryant said the plans to create and sell the shoes were shelved because she did not re-sign her late husband’s contract with Nike, which ended in April after 18 years.

How much did Nike pay Kobe Bryant?

The company got a ton of free publicity just from the media exposure, although it’s hardly the kind of free press any company wants. Once the settlement was reached, it was plain sailing for Nike. They had signed Bryant to a $40 million contract, and they were not about to let the slide.

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