Is Velcro a genericized trademark?

Did VELCRO lose trademark?

Velcro released an initial video last September in which actors playing lawyers explain in song that the Velcro patent has lapsed and the company will lose its trademark if the word is used to refer to all hook-and-loop fasteners. Some actual in-house lawyers also made appearances in the original video.

Is the word VELCRO capitalized?

When you velcro something, you close or secure it using a fastener with tiny plastic hooks that adhere to tiny loops when you press them together. … As a noun, Velcro is capitalized, since it’s a trademarked brand.

Can you use the term VELCRO?

VELCRO® is not a verb, a noun, or a stand-alone word. It should only be used like “VELCRO® Brand products” or referring to a specific product such as “VELCRO® Brand straps.” We repeat, do not ever say “velcro shoes” (or “velcro wallet” or “velcro gloves”).

What is Velcro called in America?

You can identify any non-VELCRO® Brand products by their common terms, including “self fasteners,” “hook and loop,” “closures,” etc. We get it, hook and loop isn’t in our everyday vocabulary, but calling it velcro just wouldn’t be true.

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What is the real name for Velcro?

Initially made of cotton, which proved impractical, the fastener was eventually constructed with nylon and polyester. De Mestral gave the name Velcro; a portmanteau of the French words velours (‘velvet’) and croché (‘hook’), to his invention, as well as to the Swiss company he founded; Velcro SA.

Is hook and loop same as Velcro?

The actual technology behind a VELCRO® Brand fastener is a hook and loop fastener and (you guessed it!) one side is called the hook and the other side is called the loop.

What can I use instead of Velcro?

Zippers, buttons, snaps, laces, hook-and-eye, and buckles make alternatives to Velcro which can be used for clothing. Electronic components can be gathered together using rubber bands and twist-ties. A closure for a pouch or a bag made of any material may be just as well-served with a magnetic closure.

Can I use the word Velcro on eBay?

We received a message in eBay stating we must remove the word “velcro” from our listings. According to the dictionaries, when not making a name like velcro a proper name, the term can be used as a noun, adjective and / or a verb. …

Why is it called VELCRO?

To commercialise his invention, George de Mestral needed a memorable brand name. And the VELCRO® trademark has a pretty unique origin. It’s a combination of the French words “velour” (velvet) and “crochet” (hook), essentially meaning “hooked velvet”.

What does VELCRO mean in Spanish?

Velcro Noun. Velcro, the ~ cinta adherente, la ~ (f) Noun. cinta velcro, la ~ (f) Noun.

Where is VELCRO used?

Uses. Velcro fasteners are used in shoes and clothing to replace buttons, laces, zippers and snaps. It is useful for wall hangers, medical bandages and numerous other fastening purposes.

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What does wanna Velcro mean?

reference to lesbian sex. Neutral or pejorative intent.

Is Velcro waterproof?

features A high-tech molded hook, and heavy duty, water resistant adhesive for superior holding power on smooth surfaces, including plastic, indoors and outdoors. Continued exposure to direct sunlight can damage fastener.