How old is the Wonder Woman logo?

Wonder Woman’s original logo, trademarked in 1985, was strikingly similar to Whataburger’s: … If a court battle were to ensue, one of the parties (either Whataburger or DC Comics) could eventually be barred from using their current logo.

What came first Whataburger or Wonder Woman?

But which logo came first? Whataburger’s current logo was trademarked in 1972, while Wonder Woman’s stacked W logo was trademarked in 1985. The character of Wonder Woman has been around since her first appearance in Dec. 1941.

What is the bird on Wonder Woman’s chest?

Peter. In addition to the predominantly red, white, and blue color scheme, complete with star-spangled shorts, the superhero was given a golden American eagle emblazoned across her outfit’s chest.

Is Wonder Woman trademarked?

WONDER WOMAN Trademark of DC COMICS – Registration Number 5428643 – Serial Number 86289807 :: Justia Trademarks.

A person or company should never use a trademark or logo without written permission from its owner. To get permission and avoid trademark infringement, write a letter to the trademark owner. Include a description of why you are asking and how the logo will be used.

Since 1972, Whataburger has been using a “flying W” to represent its burger chain. In 1985, DC Comics registered a similar flying W for use with Wonder Woman’s merchandising and comic books.

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