How has the Mockingjay symbolize safety for Katniss?

What does the mockingjay symbolize to Katniss?

At the end of Catching Fire, Katniss realizes that, by her own volition or not, she is “the Mockingjay”, a living symbol of defiance against the Capitol and a rallying point for the oppressed people of Panem.

How has the mockingjay symbolize safety for Katniss not only in Chapter 10 but in other parts of the book?

How has the mockingjay symbolized SAFETY for Katniss not only in chapter 10, but in other parts of the the book? “trill” as she nears the electric fence, which is turned on.

Why is the mockingjay important to Katniss?

After volunteering to take Prim’s place in the Hunger Games, Katniss receives several visitors. The mockingjays are a reminder to the government of the collapse of the jabberjay plan, and the bird becomes an important symbol for Katniss in later books. …

How does the mockingjay symbolize survival?

In that sense, the mockingjay also represents Katniss, and the hope and strength that she gives the people. Against all odds, she survives, and creates a fresh new hope for everyone. It also symbolizes how Katniss and Peeta use the “experiments” of the games against the capitol.

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Who visits Katniss and what gifts do they bring her?

The Hunger Games/Friday 2-3-12

Question Answer
Who visits Katniss and what gifts do they bring her? Peeta\’s father gives Katniss a bag of cookies, and Madge gives her a gold pin.

What does Gale symbolize in The Hunger Games?

Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth): Katniss’ best friend shares his name with a strong wind—but some fansites suggest that it’s actually derived from the Old English word gaile, meaning jovial.

Why is Katniss’s gift priceless?

She receives burn medicine. It is priceless because if you are injured in the Hunger Games, you are at a disadvantage. So, she has a better chance of surviving.

At what skill is gale better than Katniss?

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Question Answer
At what skill is Gale better than Katniss? setting snares
Who or what is Katniss named after? a plant with edible roots
Who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin? Madge
Why does the Capitol hold the Hunger Games? to remind the districts that they are powerless against it

Why is it ironic that Effie calls District 12 barbaric?

Effie finds District Twelve “barbaric” because the people, in her mind, act like savages because they have poor table manners and eat with their fingers. She is not a mean-spirited or evil person, just rather fussy and self-centered.