How do you get the melee emblem?

Is the Avenger emblem worth it?

The Avenger Emblem is slightly weaker than the emblems used to craft it, giving 12% damage while they give 15% damage. It is better to use the warrior/summoner/ranger/sorcerer emblem first before using both. The Avenger Emblem is generally less useful for players who are playing pure Summoner.

Does Avenger emblem stack with Ranger emblem?

Note that the Destroyer Emblem, Avenger Emblem, and Warrior/Ranger/Sorcerer Emblem all can be equipped simultaneously for a stacking damage bonus. These also stack with the fire gauntlet and mechanical glove.

What can you do with emblems in Terraria?


  • Ranger Emblem, which increases ranged damage.
  • Sorcerer Emblem, which increases magic damage.
  • Summoner Emblem, which increases summon damage.
  • Warrior Emblem, which increases melee damage.
  • Avenger Emblem, which increases all damage.
  • Destroyer Emblem, which increases all damage and critical strike chance.

How do I get souls of might?

The Soul of Might is one of the 7 souls. It is dropped by The Destroyer after the Wall of Flesh has been killed in any world (thus turning on hard mode). The Soul of Might is a drop from the The Destroyer, which is the Hardmode version of the Eater of Worlds.

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Which is better destroyer emblem or Avenger emblem?

Destroyer is pretty much always more damage unless you’re using summoner gear (because summons can’t crit). Destroyer emblem, because it gives a decent boost to Damage, and Crit rate.

What destroyer drops?

Now has a chance to spawn naturally at dusk during Hardmode. Will now drop 25–40 Souls of Might instead of 20–30. Now has a chance to drop the Destroyer Trophy.

Does destroyer emblem and sniper scope stack?

All emblems stack with all emblems, except with itself (since you can’t wear 2 of the same accs).

Do gloves stack in Terraria?

You can’t have multiples of the same accessory. Feral Claws, Fire Gauntlet, Mechanical Glove and Power Glove will all stack though.

Does Artemis emblem stack with Ranger emblem?

Yes, they stack.

Is the fire gauntlet good Terraria?

The Fire Gauntlet can be worn alongside the Mechanical Glove with the effects of both stacking, greatly boosting damage and melee speed. This is useful for the few hardmode weapons significantly affected by melee speed such as the Psycho Knife or Fetid Baghnakhs.