Frequent question: Which of the following can be used to name a logo procedure?

What are the different part of a LOGO procedure?

The procedure or subprogram must start with the word ‘to’, followed by a name we think of. The next step is to key-in all the same steps we would write on the command line. The procedure must end with the word ‘end’.

What are the three different parts of a LOGO procedure?

A Procedure is a set of LOGO commands given one after another to perform a particular task and referred to by a name. A procedure has 3 parts: It must start with the reserved word “TO”, followed by a one word procedure title.

Which primitive is used to define a procedure?

Explanation: Lisp procedures are formed by using lisp primitives and it is the primary purpose of procedure definition. 2.

What are LOGO commands called?

10. What is another name of logo commands? Ans: Another name of logo commands is primitives.

The full form of logo stands for Language of graphics-oriented. The term LOGO is a symbol which is used to recognize a public identification of a brand or company. … Usually, a logo on a global level can represent a company’s name, trademark, or brand.

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What is the first line of a procedure called?

It is often called the method signature, although in your definition, the declaration of the method signature would normally include type information which would allow you to distinguish between different signatures.

The commands and their abbreviations are given below − fd – forward. bk – backward. rt – right. lt – left.

What are the rules for naming a procedure?

Answer: Use the following syntax usp_ <tablename><action name> The usp_ is a predefined keyword that are used to declaring the procedure . The table-name specify the name of the table . The action name specify the what action you perform on creating the procedures .

Which button is used to execute a logo command?

Answer:Execute Button. Explanation: Pressing the Execute button runs whatever is in the Input Box. It is the same as pressing the Enter key, except that you can use it to interrupt Logo while is busy running other instructions.

Why do we use the print primitive?

Why do we use the Print primitive? Ans: PRINT is a very important primitive to display a letter, number, word or a sentence on the screen. It is also used for doing calculations and displays the output in the Recall list box. The short form for Print is PR.