Can there be opposition to registration of trademark?

What does trademark opposition mean?

A trademark opposition is a type of litigation proceeding at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (Board) where a third party can object to your application before it is granted a registration.

What happens when someone opposes your trademark?

Generally, the TTAB will issue a favorable ruling for the opposing side. In some cases, you may be able to file a motion to lift the default judgment and continue on with the trial. If a default judgment is issued against you, the judgment is binding against any future applications you try to file for the same mark.

Can a trademark be contested?

You may challenge a trademark registration issued by the USPTO by filing a petition to cancel the registration with the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB).

How long does trademark last?

How long does a trademark last in the US? In the United States, a federal trademark can potentially last forever, but it has to be renewed every ten years. If the mark is still being used between the 5th and the 6th year after it was registered, then the registration can be renewed.

How do you win a trademark opposition?

You win a trademark opposition by promptly reaching a reasonable settlement, which may feature a co-existence agreement between the parties. Accomplishing this before you spend time, effort, and attorney fees pursuing litigation that you may not be able to afford, given the cost through completion, is indeed a victory.

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™ – TM Symbol ©

The TM symbol is used when an application for trademark is made with the trademark registry. The TM symbol is thus used to indicate the fact that a trademark application exists with respect to the trademark and serves as a warning for infringers and counter-fitters.

Can I object to a trademark?

Opposing a published trade mark. Opposition is the legal procedure that allows you to try to stop a published mark going on to become registered. You can oppose the entire application, or only some of the goods or services it covers.

What happens after trademark is published?

Within about three months after your trademark publishes in the Trademark Official Gazette, if no opposition was filed, we register your trademark. If an opposition was filed but was unsuccessful, we will register your trademark after the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board dismisses the opposition.