Best answer: Is Hollow Knight trademarked?

Can I sell Hollow Knight fanart?

Can I sell Hollow Knight merchandise? Seeing people create original works based on Hollow Knight is fantastic and we’re generally okay with people selling fan-merch they’ve made in small batches or as one-offs.

Is Kai trademarked?

2018 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and registered on 03.03. 2020. The current status of the trademark is “Live”.

Trademark Information Last update: 11.08.2020.

Publication 11.12.2018

Did Hollow Knight make a profit?

According to, Hollow Knight was made “on a minuscule budget, with a positively tiny development team behind it. The game has a low price of approximately $15, which is even more reason to buy Hollow Knight. With all that said, Hollow Knight has sold more than 2.8 million units!

Is Hollow Knight similar to Dark Souls?

Combat in Hollow Knight is nothing like Dark Souls; it plays much more like a platformer, not unlike Shovel Knight. It doesn’t have the profusion of different weapons with distinct movesets, nor is it slow and methodical like Dark Souls.

Who owns Cobra Kai trademark?

COBRA KAI Trademark of Sony Pictures Television Inc.

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