Best answer: How does the author use symbolism in this poem to develop its primary theme?

How does Langston Hughes use symbolism in The Negro Speaks of Rivers?

In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, the river stands as a symbol of endlessness, geographical awareness, and the epitome of the human soul. Hughes uses the literary elements of repetition and simile to paint the river as a symbol of timelessness. This is evident in the first two lines of the poem.

Why does Langston Hughes use symbolism?

In “Harlem (A Dream Deferred)”, Langston Hughes makes use of symbolism as well as powerful sensory imagery to show us the emotions that he and his people go through in their quest for freedom and equality. By using questions he builds the poem towards an exciting climax.

What is the theme in the poem The Negro Speaks of Rivers?

The Negro Speaks of Rivers Theme of Perseverance. In “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” as our speaker charts the heritage of black Americans, beginning with the cradle of civilization in the Middle East and ending with references to slavery as seen from the Mississippi River, he traces over four thousand years of history.

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What literary devices are used in the Negro Speaks of Rivers?

Analysis of Literary Devices in “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

Assonance: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds in the same line such as the sound of /o/ in “My soul has grown deep like the rivers”. Imagery: Imagery is used to make readers perceive things involving their five senses.

What is symbolism in literature explain with examples?

Symbolism can be defined as the practice or art of using an object or a word to represent an abstract idea. An action, person, place, word, or object can have symbolic meanings. When authors want to suggest a certain mood or emotion, they use symbolism to hint at it rather than just blatantly saying it.

What is the main message of the poem A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes?

What is the theme of Langston Hughes’s poem “A Dream Deferred”? The poem is about what may happen when a whole substratum of society is denied an opportunity to fulfill its dreams, in this case, Hughes refers to African-Americans but it’s more broadly about social inequality.

What is the main theme of Harlem?

The main themes in “Harlem” are civil rights, the American dream, and anger. Civil rights: “Harlem” mourns the hopes and dreams that Black Americans have had to sacrifice because of racism and discrimination.

What is the theme of the poem perseverance?

Perseverance and If both seem to share the theme of being strong at every moment of one´s life, being the master of one´s actions and believing that no matter what happens, either good or bad, once you understand what is happening , you will be able to continue your path and learn even more.

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How does the word dusky contribute to the theme of the poem?

As for “dusky,” that means means dark, and Hughes, in emphasizing the darkness of African rivers, also wants to establish an imaginative connection between his readers and the land in which their distant ancestors lived. The rivers, like the color of African Americans’ skin, is dusky.